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Give a prestigious signature to your property.

Your property is unique, and with THE RE/MAX COLLECTION, you have international visibility
in addition to local.

By entrusting the sale of your property to DENIS PELLETIER from THE RE/MAX COLLECTION, you will always get the best results thanks to a sales force and marketing strategies recognized in the real estate sector.

Doing business with the largest real estate network in Quebec and worldwide means having unparalleled expertise and market knowledge.

The professionalism, attentiveness, and discretion of DENIS PELLETIER of RE/MAX are your best quality guarantees.

cuisine collection Re/Max


THE RE/MAX COLLECTION is a program specially created for luxury properties:

▪ State-of-the-art support throughout the representation and the transaction.

▪ High-end personalized printed document that showcases your property.

▪ Distinctive sign in the colors of the program.

▪ Enhancement of the property and photos by a team of professionals.

▪ International visibility thanks to the network and accessible tools.

With THE RE/MAX COLLECTION, your property enters the tight knit circle of the best-known luxury real estate network on the planet.

New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Sydney… From one end of the planet to the other, RE/MAX is a benchmark
essential for privileged customers with high purchasing power. As true connoisseurs of the
real estate market, they trust RE/MAX expertise in each of their transactions.

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With THE RE/MAX COLLECTION, your property gets a signature perfectly suited to the luxury market,
with notably:

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