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a complete and adapted

service offer

stratégie de mise en marché immobilier
stratégie de mise en marché immobilier
  1. Prospect 3 hours a day by communicating with several people to convert potential customers into buyers.

  2. Show your property to the other brokers on our team within 2 days of signing the contract so that they can also help sell your property.

  3. Contact our potential buyers and past clients within the next 7 days for referrals.

  4. Install a visible sign.

  5. If you wish, our Home Staging specialist will use their skills for the best possible presentation of each room of your property, before the photoshoot.

  6. In order to ensure the best presentation of your property, we use a firm of professional photographers.

  7. Pre-qualify the buyers.

  8. Follow up on all visits made by other brokers for feedback.

  9. Represent you during offer presentations to ensure that we negotiate the best price and conditions for you.

  10. Following an accepted offer to purchase, some buyers take advantage of the inspection to negotiate the price. We have the solution for such situations.

pre-purchase inspections

inspection pré-achat

While the buyer is undertaking the inspection of your property, our construction representative goes on site at the same time as the inspector.

Professional and courteous, they will reassure buyers when a problem arises by emphasizing the solution or the correction to be made.

We are the only team to offer this service that home owners appreciate very much.

The evaluation is free and without obligation!

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