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Selling Your Property

house, condo, cottage, commercial or revenue property


No matter what type of change you are looking for, our approach is always humane and professional.

Our experience and processes are guaranteed to provide you with the best conditions.

Before putting your property on the market, we need to do a market appraisal to find the right value.


vendre sa propriété
  1. To reach and get as many qualified buyers as possible for your property.

  2. To ensure continuous communication on the action to be taken for your property.

  3. To save you time and money while reducing the selling time.

  4. To be your strong allies in negotiating a buyout offer.

SOLD properties




the steps we follow

to sell your house, condo or other type of property

  1. List your home on Centris;


  2. Market the house professionally and competitively;


  3. Negotiate the highest possible price on your behalf;


  4. Develop a list of the advantages of your property for brokers;
  5. Send an email to the 10 best brokers in the sector;
  6. Write a description of your property for potential buyers;


  7. To ensure the best presentation of your property, we call on a firm of professional photographers.
vendre sa propriété

pre-purchase inspections

inspection pré-achat

While the buyer is undertaking the inspection of your property, our construction representative goes on site at the same time as the inspector.

Professional and courteous, they will reassure buyers when a problem arises by emphasizing the solution or the correction to be made.

We are the only team to offer this service that home owners appreciate very much.

The evaluation is free and without obligation!

start the selling process